Who should partner Austin in attack?

24/10/2013 10:51


On Tuesday afternoon I popped down to Loftus Road to watch the EDS play Brentford and I have to say it was great to see Andy Johnson and Javier Chevanton up front. Confusing watching two players who don't have a single hair on their heads between them!

   Now some people may say it was only against Brentford but you can only beat the side that's in front of you.

In my humble opinion I think we should go two up front against Burnley and fight firepower with firepower!

  I have little doubt Charlie Austin needs pumping up for this game; his first return to Turf Moor and he'll want to show the Clarets just what he can do now he's a hoop; I just think he needs a partner in crime; but which striker should it be?

   It would seem to be a two way fight between AJ and Javier. I have to say they both played well and I know for a fact Harry was watching.He'd have no problem whichever player he chooses as both look sharp.

   Let's not forget we also have young Tommy Hitchcock and Harry does like to spring the odd surprise or two!

  I would say AJ is in pole position but only just! His movement was great on his return to action and he looked fit and up for the game. That might sound silly but not every player is up for a 'reserve' game.


 Charlie Austin is showing the form in front of goal that eluded him at the start of his hoops career and I have to say he looks a quality player; but even quality players need help. He will get more help with another front man and with that he'll have more chances of scoring goals and the team winning games.

      It was great to see him score against Millwall last Saturday and his confidence must be sky high; while Burnley try and keep Charlie busy then his strike partner can chip in.

   Two up front and we score goals, more goals than we are now.

I am in no way criticising Harry's selection; I merely pointing out another formation we could play.

  There is a poll on this website to see who the fans would pick to play alongside our leading scorer; take a look and have a vote and see who other fans have picked. I'ts on our homepage.

In Harry we trust

The Wig