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Best Defender by the Wig

When I was growing up there was one man that stood literally head and shoulders above everyone else at QPR. Every challenge he made he gave one hundred and ten per cent if not more! When we did lose he took it personally as if it was his own fault! In my humble opinion he is not only the best defender we ever had but the greatest Captain as well.

 He made his debut in nineteen eighty three in a four nil win and stayed at the club for seventeen great years.


I am of course writing about the one and only Alan McDonald! To me he is everything that a footballer should be. He adored the fans and the feeling was more than mutual.

He didn't care for reputations; he went in hard but fair and won a hell of a lot more tackles than he lost. His presence in the air was just as good at both ends of the field.


I remember him crying in the South Africa Road Stand when he left; this is how much the club meant to him.

  It came as a great shock that on the twenty third of June two thousand and twelve, Macca had a heart attack and passed away at just forty eight years of age. He will always be Mr QPR to me and forever a hooped hero.



Best Player by the Wig


I first saw this man play and without a word of a lie the wind could have blown him away! He had plenty of speed but needed to 'beef' up. QPR sent him out on loan to Besiktas in Turkey for a season and I have to say he came back not only a different player but a different person!

    "I left England as a boy and came back as a man," he said in one interview.

I am of course talking about 'Sir' Les Ferdinand! I have to say I've never seen a man run so fast with a football at his feet and his heading power was just amazing!

 I always felt that we had a chance with Sir Les on the field and his understanding with another QPR legend Kevin Gallen was just fabulous, it was almost telepathy!


  When he jumped up for a header he just seemed to be able to stay in the air for a few seconds until the ball arrived, like a puppet without strings! He would make defenders work so hard but once he put his head down and headed for goal there was no stopping the former Hayes striker.

   Not a bad bit of business, we bought him for thirty thousand pounds and sold him for six million pounds. Fans of Newcastle United will say they got the best out of him but I have to disagree. Sir Les was at Loftus Road for nearly ten years and in my humble opinion I think he's the best player I've ever seen in a hooped shirt.


The Wig