We had a top striker at the club and we sold him; another is out on loan!

12/12/2012 20:08

To me I can pick two reasons out of many as to why we're not scoring goals. The first player I found it hard to believe we sold and still do is the 'Iceman' Helguson and we sold him to club I'll admit I don't have a lot of love for, Cardiff! He will always be a legend for the goal he scored on the twenty third of October two thousand and eleven; he was just the coolest man in the universe that day!

   Despite not having a great start at Loftus Road, he went on loan to Watford early on in his hooped career, he soon won over the crowd once he got a place in the side down at the Bush. Neil Warnock got the best out of him and to me he is a natural goalscorer, in the air he is second to none!

 So he didn't set the Premiership alight but you know what you get with him; not only a goalscorer but a team player. Now some might say his age was against him but we've hardly brought in much younger players now have we?

  I still don't understand why he was sold and when he was I wasn't as sad as I was dissappointed; Mark Hughes never really gave him a chance and I would think I speak for a great deal of fans by saying that wasn't really fair on him or the fans, he still had a lot to offer! Older fans will remember Paul Furlong and how it took a while for a 'bond' to form with the fans; Heider had the 'bond' just wasn't given the time.


  There is a QPR player that seems to be scoring goals for fun and that isn't a missprint; the problem is he is doing it for Ipswich Town! I'm talking about a player that used to watch QPR as a kid and is a supporter of our great club! Dudley or as he likes to be known DJ Campbell didn't have a lot of choice but to go out on loan, he is a footballer and wants to play football.

      Due to injury he didn't have a great first season with the club and the person that annoyed the most was the man himself! In my honest opinion I don't think Hughes gave him even half a chance and that tells me he wasn't part of his plans. The only thing DJ could do was go away and score goals and that's exactly what he's doing. Now some might say he is in the Championship but with respect to Ipswich Town they're not playing great! Sign of a good player is scoring goals in a side that is struggling; he did the same with Blackpool in the Premiership scoring thirteen goals that season!


    I really hope Harry is having him watched and gives him a chance in January; you never know he might be the player that we've been missing and yet we had him all the time! I can see the headline now,


                                                                         I can dream can't I?


     The wig