To believe in old ‘Arry is not a sin… By Gregg Halsey

11/03/2013 10:58


So Harry Redknapp took over the Queens Park Rangers reins just as everyone had been predicting would eventually happen after the dismal opening day defeat to a team who I won’t even mention as I still strongly believe they shouldn’t even be allowed to play in our leagues or cup competitions!

In he came to turn around the fortunes of the club stranded and looking to be heading up sh*t creek without so much as a paddle to try and guide themselves back to shore, were there massive changes to start with? Not really no, just some basics; playing players in positions better suited for them for example M’bia in a midfield role rather than as a centre back (although he is a very good centre back in FRANCE over here our pace doesn’t suit a man of his stature to work in such little space).

So where are we now since old ‘Arry took over? Middle of the table? Clear of the relegation dog fight? Erm, no actually but we’ve got our teeth sunk deep in to the backsides of the other dogs around us!

It’s not been easy and it certainly has not been action packed with the media putting in claims of ridiculous wages being paid out to new signings Samba and Remy, a certain right back refusing to sit on a bench, and then the trip to Dubai (say no more on that shall we) But we have beaten both West London rivals, and two scalps off a pair of scraping dogs also in the ring with us with another three of them still to come.

Since Harry came in to the hot seat we’ve had 5 wins, 8 draws and 6 losses (1 in the cup see one of my other articles on the site) and we look like we could pull out the miracle that is survival and if I’m honest after our second heavy defeat to said team at the beginning of the article even I began to doubt us but it seems Harry ‘Houdini’ Redknapp has pulled out his wand and waved it in the according fashion to produce a turn around that the fans were hoping for and it seems we can once again believe.

People were questioning some of his choices in the last two games, Bothroyd (went on to score the winner) no Adel Taarabt (is he really too good for our opponents? See another one of my articles) two wins in two games, that is ok for me.

To believe in old ‘Arry is definitely not a sin, not in my book even if we go down at least Harry has made us look like we’re fighting for it and not just laying down like some of those girls from the club trip away (that’s another story….)

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