Time to Stoke the fire!

19/04/2013 18:31

  Every single game I go to at Loftus Road I think the Super Hoops will win, yes every single game! I don't care if it's Manchester United or Cambridge United; I go to see my team win!

     Now reading posts on twitter and facebook I think a few fans think we are beaten this weekend before a ball has been kicked. When the hell did some fans become such defeatists?

     Ladies and Gentlemen we are playing Stoke, a team that is in freefall. They can't hit a cow's arse with a shovel! I personally don't like the way they play; the 'up and at them' to me is ugly football. They have big men in Walters and Crouch up front to send in aerial balls; let's be honest, it's hardly great to watch!


   The confidence in the Stoke defence must be at an all time low and Harry has to play two up front. Remy on his own up top at home tells me Harry is scared; that message goes out to Stoke players then we are in trouble!

        Why not play Andros alongside the Frenchman?

         Or Adel up top with the goal machine?

    No matter how you look at it, if results don't go our way then we may well be down by Monday evening but I for one won't ever think we can't win at Loftus Road!

          Queens Park Rangers football club need us now more than ever before! I have always been proud of my football team and always will be. On Saturday afternoon I'm in Ellerslie Road to see my team win, as I always think they will, and that will never change.


The Wig