Time for a win!

27/11/2012 12:30


Harry Redknapp takes charge of QPR for the first time tonight and I, like many others, say it's not before time!  Instead of moaning about Hughes as I could, I'm going to be positive; let's face it the only way is up!

    Joe Jordan has agreed to be first team coach with Kevin Bond agreeing to be assistant Manager; Harry has his team together again!

One of the things I like about him is he accepts no nonsense; if a player isn't playing well no matter if he's the club's top earner Harry will drop him! He doesn't go on reputation but how you play the game at the time; one thing the previous boss didn't.

I can't think of a better time to play Sunderland; after what was a good start with Martin O'Neill things have gone downhill rather fast. If you couple that with Redknapp's first game and the players out to impress I really do think we may win!

 The player that has to be watched and I'd hope Nelson man marks him is Steven Fletcher; his goalscoring is a worry considering how weak our defence can be.

Jamie Mackie would be the first name on the teamsheet for me and I'd give 'the grey fox' Derry a run out and maybe replace him with Diakite after about an hour.

The one player that I think will shine under Harry is Cisse; he'll take him under his wing and 'man manage' him which I think he seriously needs! He is also going back to a club he played for and that should be enough to put the fire in any player's belly!

 I think we'll win tonight by two goals to nil with Mackie scoring both; one assist from Adel and the other from Cisse.