They think it`s all over - it`s not yet! By Mikey Howard

28/03/2013 08:31

Being the eternal W12 optimist, I refuse to believe that Queens Park Rangers Football Club is going to be relegated ! Until the mathematics tell me different, I will not believe we are going down. 

We never do things the easy way at QPR. That`s just the way we have been for years. God only knows why that has been the way but, it has. You can blame it on the various owners of the club, or on the various managers or even on the lack of commitment to our cause on behalf of certain players who, to be honest, have jumped on the QPR band-wagon just to earn a fast buck ! (And most of us know who those certain players are !). They don`t give a flying-fart whether we stay up or not. They just care about the wages.; filling their bank accounts and continuing with their extravagant lifestyles ! And, I can guarantee that if the worst happens most of those players brought in by MH will do a runner and find some other unfortunate mugs to sign them up ! And let`s not forget, who are the people that, ultimately, pay their wages ? The fans that work their fingers to the bone every day of every week of every year so they can go to Loftus Road to follow the club they love till their dying day !
So, why do we do it ? Why do we commit ? Because we love our club. Why ? They haven`t given us anything since we got to Cardiff in 2003 and, more recently, since we got promoted from the Championship under Neil Warnock. We only just survived last season thanks to an equalizer at The Brittania Stadium on the last day of last season ! It`s because we care. We love our club and most loyal fans would follow our "Club" even if we were playing in Blue Square ! Somebody said to me the other day, "Man, you guys are so tribal !" An interesting analogy but, so true !
Since being a QPR supporter I have met so many nice people. People I would normally not have been privileged to meet if it had not been for the common bond between us. (Yes, that includes you, Wig !) LOL. So, yeah - if you look at it from that perspective, tribal is probably a very apt analogy. We suffer together, we cheer together and we share differences of opinions together. But, ultimately, we respect each other ! 
Anyway, getting back to the main point of this...we are not down yet ! We can still turn it around. In Arry, I trust. I mean, hell, if he can`t save us who can ? So, it`s a call to arms, guys. No negative vibes and let`s get behind the lads like never before ! The "loyal" players need us to back them ! Without our continued support, we are definitely doomed ! They feed off us fans and without us they are in a whole heap of shit !
One last point I want to make. I have seen many criticisms from regular patrons of W12 having a go at the so-called "Armchair" supporters. I want to point out that a lot of people have been priced out of the game. Also, a lot of us - me included - have to work on weekends. To be a true supporter it doesn`t boill down to how many programs you have or whether you`re a season ticket holder or not. Die hard QPR fans can`t always make it to W12 for whatever reason. Just coz some of you can make it to every game doesn`t make you more of a supporter than those who can`t ! Being a Ranger is in your heart not in your  availability to attend every match home or away.
In closing, back the boys no matter how bad it looks. We are QPR ! Others think we are doomed. For us, they think it`s all over - it`s not yet !