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12/03/2013 11:32



One of my fondest memories of growing up is the hoops top when we were sponsored by Guinness. 
We had a very good side then and were managed by the one and only Terry Venables! 
He had a love for the club as he'd also played for us. He came to Loftus Road after successfully cutting his teeth in Management at Crystal Palace. 
The style he got the side playing was so easy on the eye; Tony Currie in midfield spraying passes while Gary Waddock appeared to be everywhere! Terry Fenwick as Captain with Peter Hucker in goal, it was a side that not only played for the fans but for each other!


A few years after he left the club I heard rumours he walked his dog in the same exercise park as I walked mine. I couldn't get over one night when I met him, I actually didn't know what to say despite having a million questions in my head. We talked dogs and he did have a beautiful golden Labrador that he said was his best midfielder!
We met a few times more on dog walking duty and it felt great when he called me by my name the first time! I decided to grab the bull by the horns and asked him, "Why did you leave QPR for Barcelona? You said on the tannoy you were staying!" 
He could tell that despite it happening a few years before it still rankled with me. 
"Now that was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. When a club like Barcelona come knocking you sit up and take notice. I can tell you now it wasn't all about money! I had to think of my career as a football Manager and as I say they are one of the best clubs in the world. Leaving Rangers was the toughest thing I've had to do in football I can tell you,'
I looked at him as he talked and he looked upset; now I felt guilty!
Another time he told me how he tried to get a consortium together to buy the club but at the last minute one pulled out. 
I hold him in high regard as he was one of the best Managers we've ever had. After Barcelona he became England boss and Spurs.
I'll always remember him leading the side out in the FA Cup Final in nineteen eighty two and of course the Guinness top!


The Wig