The next two games are vital to our season

10/09/2013 11:51


I don't think many fans would have thought that after five games of the new season we'd be unbeaten, winning four out of our five games! Thirteen points out of fifteen is very good, very good indeed! Some fans might even say we deserve all fifteen but that's football for you!

    What has impressed me more than anything else is our away form; we've done better this season as far as points are concerened than the whole of last season! I lay the blame firmly at Harry's door for that, he's brought in something that was vitally missing last season; team spirit! When you see the players are willing to fight for every ball; knowing they have the backup of a teammate or two makes all the difference.


 Credit has to go to the defence; if you consider it's basically brand new! Harry now has the option of a back five with the loaning of Cameroon International Ekotto from Spurs. There are so many options in midfield I'd be wrting this article all day; it's the Managers headache but what a nice one to have. Charlie Austin and Andy Johnson will take the two strikers roles but knowing Harry he'll play a five-four-one formation; another one of his options. I get the feeling as soon as Austin gets his first he'll bag at least twenty this season; just needs the rub of the green.

    We have the next two league games at home and have to be looking at getting maximum points; to show the rest of the league that Queens Park Rangers want to go back to the Premiership!

     I love the way we've started the season I really do and with the new recruits on board the next two games could decide where our season goes.

 A special mention has to go out to the QPR fans who have been superb this season; two twelve fifteen kick offs on successive Saturdays on agames that were televised and the support was just superb. We need to make Loftus Road a fortress as well and we've made a load of noise! It's said we are the twelfth man and I really believe that.


The Wig