Should have been Green on St Patrick's weekend

18/03/2013 08:23


When I heard Cesar was in goal at Villa Park I was annoyed at Harry; but when I heard Brian Murphy was on the bench I knew the gaffer didn't have a choice. So why have we heard nothing else on Rob Green? Is he injured or is it a personal matter? The fans are always the last to know. We might find out by Wednesday if we're lucky!   

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Brazilian number one but he seems to have lost a bit of form. In simple terms he can't catch a cold at the moment and what a time for form to dip!    Any watching scouts from other terms will work out he can't catch a cross and report it back.   Surely it’s easier to catch a ball rather than punch it, even his punching it out scares me!  

   I really thought we could get something out of the game at Villa Park, especially after our last two performances. Over three thousand travelling hoops which is just fantastic support.  

   We showed character in taking the lead and again coming back to two all. Even a point would have been something.

    As far as other results went it couldn't have gone any worse! Seven points is a lot to make up but until it’s mathematically impossible to stay up I'll believe.

   The rollercoaster ride still has a good bit to offer, let's just hope it gets better!

                                                                  The Wig