Return of the rebel?

14/03/2013 09:29


 Now like him or loathe him Joey Barton is still a QPR player and has a contract until the Summer of 2015 or just over two years. Now the man we signed for free from Newcastle has the fans divided right down the middle. I won't lie for the sake of the article, I for one hope we never see him in a hooped shirt ever again.You see I love the way we are called a family club and I'm very proud of that, Joey hardly plays the part of a role model, what annoys me is he just doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes!

   I won't go on about his past but the saying about, 'a leopard never changing its spots' springs to mind! The final straw was the last game of last season but I already disliked him.


 The annoying thing is I was really looking forward to seeing him play week in week out but he was never more than average and I'm being kind.

    If reports are true and Marseille are in money trouble then the club will have to accept him back. The club are still partly paying Joey's wages and the loan is only till the end of the season and if the French club can't afford to pay him then what choice do we have?

   Now this will be music to some fans ears, they hold Barton in some sort of high regard, that's the great thing about football, opinions! 

  Would you want him back?

  Can Harry Redknapp tame him or better still get the best out of him?

Don't get me wrong, I trust Harry but even he might find it hard to control the temper of a man that in my opinion uses football as an excuse to have a fight!


The Wig