Junior Hoilett is only just starting to shine!

16/08/2013 12:30


When Mark Hughes signed Junior Hoilett I have to admit he was a player that I looked forward to seeing play. I'd watched him play for Blackburn and he was a player that stood out. 

  Sadly it didn't come off for him last season; he couldn't hit a cow's backside with a spade! This could be down to a number of factors; form, fitness but I think most of all was the team around him. He must have seen the effort (or lack of) from his teammates and that had an effect.

 But that was last season which I, like many others, have swept under the carpet, never to be talked about!

 Where has this new attitude come from? I put that down to Harry and the coaching team.


 It's almost as if we have signed a new player! He looks comfortable on the ball and is going past players as if they aren't there; his confidence must be sky high right now. In our first home game against Sheffield Wednesday it was a hard choice to pick man of the match; the Canadian international was in the running along with about four or five others.

   To me this shows that under the right Manager he can play some great football. It has to be remembered he is still only twenty three; that's five years before his prime!

   With such a great start to the season and with the transfer window open of course his name will be mentioned; but Stoke City?

 I hope the club turn down any offers for him from Mark Hughes; they go together like jelly and tarmac!


 At Friday's press conference Harry said, "They (Stoke) will have to make us a big offer,"

For once Harry I'm going to say you're wrong; the answer should have been, "Junior Hoilett is not for sale!"

  I hope the former Blackburn player scores a couple against the Tractor boys; not to push up his value but to show Harry we need to keep hold of him.

The Wig