It has to be said. (An open letter from one QPR fan to all the others hoops)

03/05/2013 20:30

This is not so much as an article but more of a letter and of an appeal to all the genuine QPR fans out there !

Over the last couple of days, Tony has been shouldering the blame for our demise from the Premiership. The fact is, that all he is guilty of is naivety ! And we have all been guilty of that in our lives.
There is only one person that screwed us this season and that is Mark Hughes. Since his sacking, he has never been heard of again ! Also - as we all know - certain players have screwed us big time just for the money. Lessons have been learnt and it will never happen again !
Tony is hurting big time. Not so much because of the money but, because his heart is in W12. He loves our club and our supporters. He is turning us - in time - to be a force to be reckoned with. I went into details in my last article so, I won`t dwell on it here.
So, I urge all QPR fans who go to W12 for the game against Arsenal tomorrow to please show your support for Tony Fernandes by singing his name throughout the game ! He needs to know that we love him and trust in him.
Thank you.