Is Harry right about Adel?

11/03/2013 07:42


I love singing the song, 'Taarabt's to good for you,' and I'm sure the young man believes it himself. After we beat Fulham I really thought the gifted midfielder would take his chance and grab the season and the team by the scruff of the neck; sadly this hasn't happened.

    I have to admit I was shocked when he didn't appear in the starting line up when we played the Saints; a great call by the gaffer as we came away with three vital points! When he wasn't even named on the bench on Saturday it got me wondering; I don't think he's been left out of the team solely on his form !

   Let me make this very clear, this is just my opinion and not fact. When the story broke about  the 'stag night' type party, Harry said he knew who it was and he'd sort it out. So it just so happens that Adel is first dropped to the bench and then dropped altogether! Now I might be putting two and two together here and coming up with five, but I doubt it.

Let's face it, has Taarabt ever had good advisors?

As I've said before this is just a theory but I think the agent that Harry is talking about is Adel's.


     Now we all know that the Moroccan can get moody; the hands up in the air and sulks, but on his day he's a match winner of that there is little doubt. The thing is we are in a dogfight and what's needed now is battlers and fighters! Without being disrespectful that isn't part of his game.

     No matter what people say he is a 'luxury' player and we can't afford that at the moment. By all means bring him on if we are winning comfortably and let him loose but our next nine games are nine Cup finals!

   Please don't get me wrong, I love the midfield genius to bits, but it's a squad game and at the end of the day he is a squad player.

  My advice to him would be this; be careful who you choose as an agent; yes they can get you a good contract but they can also get you dropped!


The Wig