Having a go with a suggestion. by Mikey Howard

08/07/2013 16:43


I will start with a scenario. If I was instructed by my boss at work to be at a certain place at a certain time, he would expect me to be there ! Ok, we are all probably guilty of being a few minutes late on occasions. But, if I decided I just coudn`t be bothered because my heart wasn`t in the job, I would be sacked on the spot ! It is really that simple ! I can tell you now what my boss would say to me: "If you won`t commit 100% to our cause, you had might as well f**k off because you are no good to us !" 

To those of you who work for an employer, I think you may well agree with the above. You are paid to do a job so, do it or get lost ! With that thought in mind, somebody please explain to me why "certain" professional footballers - especially at QPR - think it`s all right and acceptable to hold the club to ransom over pay ? Of course, we could all argue that they are still under contract and whilst that contract is binding they are able to get away with anything their hearts desire. Bearing in mind the history of so-called player-power over the last 18 months at Queens Park Rangers Football Club (which has ultimately led to the demise of our club) you have to ask the question: "Who the hell runs our club ?! Is it the management, the board or...god forbid, the players ?!" Recent history suggests that it`s the players and their money-grabbing agents ! The people who care very little for QPR and what we believe in and stand for as a footballing community. In a word, "Mercenaries !"
So, how do we combat this from happening again ? To me, it`s quite simple. The Gaffer picks the players he wants. He presents a list of those players to Tony Fernandes and the rest of the board. But, with a stipulation that we go for those players on an initial "one year contract " to see how things pan out. If things don`t work out between player and club after that one year period, then it`s bye bye and no hard feelings. At least, we know where we stand and don`t get drawn into a possible financial melt-down due to players wage demands and pay-off clauses within, say, a 3 to 5 year contract. In essence, if you want to play for QPR you have a probationary period to prove your heart is in the club and not in your bank accounts. In my humble opinion, it`s the only way you can deter the mercenaries (and their agents) from ever taking advantage of us again ! If we adopt the above policy, agents will never say to their players again: "Hey fella, how do you fancy going to QPR, earning a fortune and not having to do that much for it ?"
Different subject, now. Well, kinda. I have said a million times, everybody has the right to their opinion. Never will I diss that. But, somebody please explain to me why so many R`S supporters are behind Joey Barton staying at QPR ? He`s not  exactly the sharpest tool in the box, for sure ! What does he offer the club ? In my opinion, he`s not even good at what he`s supposed to do ! He couldn`t even be bothered to turn up for day one of pre-season training ! Talk about arrogance ! If it was Lionel Messi, I could understand it. (But, then again, Messi is a true professional !!!) Take that, JB !!!
Steve Maclaren: Well, that was a shock. I didn`t see that one coming. I have reservations, to be honest. However, this is the Championship now and `Arry has put faith in him and, in `Arry, I trust. But, if he (Steve) dares to turn up at Harlington or W12 in rainy weather with a multi-coloured  beach umbrella, I will find it hard to contain myself.
Danny Simpson: A good, versatile defender who can offer QPR a lot in the Championship. He has the right mental approach. I.E.: "I want to play EVERY single game for my new club and get them back to top flight !"
Scott Parker: In my opinion, if we get him for the ridiculously cheap price of £2m, that will be our signing of the year. A great midfield general who will work his socks off for the club. Talented, has a great engine room and can score. Offer me him now as I type this and I will bite your arm off ! But, will he drop down a division considering his age ? That`s the key question. With the £12m we have got for Samba back to Anzhi I would seriously be thinking of, maybe, going to £4/5m for Scott. I rate him that highly.
Peter Crouch: I`m going to be honest..I can`t make my mind up. Certainly not in the role as a lone striker! Alongside Remy, maybe. That could work. You would need to go 4-4-2 for that to work. You could go a  4-3-3 with Adel tucked in just behind them both. I`m not sure.
Paul "The Wig" Moore: His heart is in the right place but, he has a dodgy wig and drinks way too much. Bearing in mind that he is older than QPR per sae, it`s a no, no ! (Sorry boss !)
Joking aside, those are my thoughts. `Arry is still with us and - surprise - so is Loic. May that continue next season. I know we are only a week into the window and I`m sure `Arry has targets to yet be announced. I`m pretty sure TF is in London now so, we will see.
In closing, I just want to say this: `Arry is our manager and trying to build a squad that will take us up at the first time of asking. We all know how hard it is to get out of the Championship. It`s a hell of a tough league with many good, quality teams in it. It will be a bigger battle getting out of it than what last year was staying out of it !!!
I believe. U`RRRRS !
And in true House Of Commons style..I commend this article to the site !
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