Good luck at Wembley!

19/03/2013 08:04


Players come and go at football clubs. Some go on to become legends while others leave never to be heard of again.

  One such player that I think is still loved after having two spells at Loftus Road is Danny Shittu.

   He is now Captain of Championship side Millwall. They face Wigan at Wembley in one of the semi finals and I for one wish him all the luck in the world!

  I've been lucky enough to meet him on a few occasions and he always made time for the fans.

  I remember meeting him at a pre season game at Harrow Borough and we started to sing his song, he came out and jokingly asked us to stop. He happily talked to every fan and posed for photos.

   He knows that means a great deal to the fans; another reason to like him.  

  The thing about Danny is he plays with passion and leaves it all out there on the field. Players know they've had a hard game against the former hoop.  

We also have a current player on loan at the new den, Rob Hulse.

   Despite what some fans think, he is still a hoop and I also wish him well.  

  I hope Millwall tear Wigan apart and Danny keeps a clean sheet and Hulse gets the winner with a thirty five yard thunderbolt! It would surprise a few of us I can tell you!

  The Wig