Going down faster than a lead balloon

21/04/2013 16:48


We should have seen the way the season was going to go when we conceded five goals in the first game of the season. 
Has it got better?
Let's be honest here, the answer has to be 'not really'. 
Four wins all season says it all; nowhere near good enough. 
The defence has more holes in it than a fishing net. Let's face it; most teams look like they’re going to score on every attack. 
So we took on a Stoke side, themselves in free fall.


When I heard the team Harry picked I feared the worst. 
Defensive midfielders are always needed in a side but we had two! Why two? It's Stoke we were playing not Manchester United!
Every single fan knows to win games you have to score goals; so we play one man up front!
The body language of most of the players in the first few minutes said it all; heads down and second best. I put it down to nerves. 
Once the first goal went in I think we all knew the outcome. The penalty summed up our luck this season; to call it harsh would be an understatement!
So who is to blame for this season? 
I don't think one person can take the blame. A lot of fingers will point at Mark Hughes and rightly so but it’s not all his fault. 
Tony Fernandes trusted far too many people and far too easily; very naïve for an experienced business man. 
The main blame has to be on the players themselves. They get paid well and yet as far as blood, sweat and tears are concerned it just hasn't happened. Second best to everything. 
When I did a coaching course a few years back the first thing I was told was, ‘there is no 'I' in team,' I might suggest that the players get taught that but now it’s too little and too late. 
There is only one player that has come out of this season with any credit and that is Ryan Nelsen. 
If even half the team had his attitude we wouldn't be in this mess!
Let the season come to an end and so the nightmare will be over and then we can rebuild in the Championship. 

The Wig