Give the youth and newbies a chance in the Cup

05/08/2013 16:35


  After a great opening weekend we have our first away game in the Capital One Cup against Exeter City; I doubt very much it will be like the friendly we had in preseason, this will be business!

    Harry has mentioned that Charlie Austin, who I have to say looked bright when he came on the field on Saturday, is likely to start. I hope Harry makes a few changes, gives the youth a chance.  Frankie Sutherland, Max Ehmer and Mo Shariff have more than earned a chance to prove themselves along with the rest of the players.

   Put Max Ehmer alongside Richard Dunne as the centre backs with Luke Young out on the right and Sok-Young on the left. Brian Murphy or Lennox in goal, give Rob Green the night off. 

  Shaun Wright Phillips out on the right with Harriman on the other side. Shaun Derry as the holding midfielder with Mo Shariff in the attacking midfield.

      Austin can play up either on his own or alongside another youth player, Bruno Andrade!


  Now a few fans might want a Cup run and maybe would like a stronger team. The thing you have to think of is if any of the first eleven get injured you have to have players that are fit to take their place and the team I mentioned should beat a side two divisions below us.

    The youth need a chance to prove they are good enough; it's up to Harry to give them a chance.


The Wig