Faurlin's Palermo pantomime

03/04/2013 06:24


I was at MK Dons when Ali Faurlin damaged his knee and I have to say he looked in a great deal of pain; not a player known for going down easily so we all knew the outcome wasn't going to be a good one.

  But the man from Argentina got on with his rehab and it was great to see him return to the side; even I'll admit he wasn't the same player we had just a season before. His confidence was shot to pieces; that's what a career threatening injury can do to you.

   Now Harry has stated on more than one occasion that the Hoops midfielder does have a future at Loftus Road so when a loan deal was done with Italian side Palermo I thought it would work well for both clubs and the player himself.


 The Serie A side are coincidently second from bottom in Italy's top division, the same as the Hoops in the Premiership. So basically he swapped one dogfight for another!

   On Sunday the third of February he made his debut in a two goals to one home defeat to Atlanta. Since then he has been on the bench and the only time he's been used was Palermo's last match when he came on for the last ten minutes, his side winning the game by two goals to nil. Both goals were scored in the first half of the game.

   So the question has to be why bother loaning him out?

  As I wrote earlier he is a player low on confidence so why loan him to a club that don't really want him?

 On this one I think the club made a mistake. I have no doubt in my mind that Faurlin loves our club and he is adored by the fans. So what better way to help build his confidence than letting him put on a hooped shirt and get on with playing football!

  Am I on my own on this thinking?


The Wig