Conned, betrayed and the silver lining by Mikey Howard

22/05/2013 18:43



Well, that`s that season done with. Arguably one of the worst seasons in the history of Queens Park Rangers Football Club. I think most of the real fans know where the blame lies for our demise from the top flight of English football. Looking back on it and comparing it to previous "bad" seasons, this season has been different. Different because we imploded within the club. We brought upon ourselves disaster by mismanagement, a high level of naivety, and, we allowed ourselves to be conned by the leeches of English football - players agents - who in my opinion are no better than dodgy second-hand car salesmen who have no interest in anything except making as much money as they can out of second-hand, washed up has-beens who are just after a big and final pay day before their careers come to an end. And guess what..we fell for it!


In our own minds we know where to put the blame. We all have our own takes on who didn`t perform for the cause on the pitch. But, as individuals, we all have our own opinions. I have mine as you have yours. That`s democracy and freedom of speech, if you will. We air our opinions on the various web sites and pages. Some comments I disagree with and some I do as you guys do with things I say. But, we all agree with one thing...we are Rangers till we die and nothing or nobody will ever take that away from us !
So, life in the Championship. Looking at it positively, maybe it`s a godsend. I`m a great believer in the old adage that "every cloud has a silver lining". At least, Arry can now build HIS team and install a level of discipline both on and off the pitch that was sadly lacking in the season just gone. No more prima donnas, no more wasters, no more money-hungry mercenaries and no more players that think they are something they are not ! We need to go back to the Warnock days where we had a bunch of players who played their hearts out for the club and the loyal fans. Players who cared about Queens Park Rangers Football Club per se ! If Arry can get that back at W12, we will have built a foundation on which to build for future success. But, we have to go back to basics. We have to re-install what we lost after the sacking of Warnock....loyalty, passion and commitment. With the Warren Farm project now underway, the foundations are being put in place. Of course, this is essential for our re-build. I mean, you don`t build a house from the roof down. You build upon solid foundations. Money won`t give you automatic success no matter how much of it you have. We and Manchester City have proven that this season ! If we can achieve all of the above, I suggest that all QPR fans start looking skywards for the silver lining!
I would like to say a huge thank you to the QPR board on their new season ticket prices for the next campaign. At least they have recognized that the loyal fans deserve a reward for their unwavering support during the last campaign. So, fair play to them for that.
Well, lessons have been learnt. As a club we have been conned and betrayed in certain quarters. We were taken advantage of and used like pawns in a money grabbing game of one-sided chess, if you will ! But, it stops here and now. We are Queens Park Rangers and we will recover fitter and stronger and with a constitution to rival any of those in the top tier ! We may have been conned out of our Premiership status but, there is something we will never have taken away from us as supporters - our undying love and commitment to our club. That is something nobody can rob us of !
We`ll be back !!!
Mikey Howard.