A year on...

22/03/2013 08:22

On the twenty first of March two thousand and twelve something happened at Loftus road that changed our season. 

   With just twenty minutes left we found ourselves two goals behind to Liverpool. It was then that a phoenix rose from the flames and we scored three goals to win a vital game. Shaun Derry even got in on the act by scoring his first goal for the club. Jamie Mackie was walking in a winter wonderland!

 It proved to be a great springboard. 


  I remember most people telling me, "Least you can say you've been in the Premiership recently because it has been fifteen years,"

  My answer went along the lines of, "We're not down yet,"

   I would say the same about this season. We still have a fighting chance. I'll admit last year was like climbing Everest; this year it’s the same only without the oxygen mask! 

    I believe we can get out of this I really do. Of course we need lady luck to do us a favour or eight but at the end of the day it’s the results we get that count and not the others. 

   The 'run in' goes in our favour compared to teams around us. It’s down to us both as a team and fans to give one hundred per cent and we will. 

   A little matter of Fulham away coming up next and a possible double. There is also the fact we owe them big time from last season when we were hit for six!

  Let the rollercoaster proceed, the twists and turns are going to be mad! 


The Wig