A vital time of year

25/06/2013 08:07


In less than six weeks the football season starts and I for one can't wait!
Players have returned from their breaks and for some it’s time to look for a new club. I don't think I've heard one good word about Jose Bosingwa and I'm not surprised! As signings go he has to be up there with the worst! The club either have to try and offload him or pay him off. 

There are others on the payroll that I'm sure Harry will ship out. 
What we need from the team from the very start of the season is to be all singing from the same hymn sheet; last season they all had different hymn books.
As players depart others will come in and this is why this time is so important; the signings will make or break our season. 
Of course we should remember it's silly season: we will be linked with everyone! Free agents seem to be the targets; the gaffer has to be sure. Another 'Bosingwa freebee' we really don't want. Rumours have to start somewhere, but remember as Neil Warnock once said, "Don't let facts get in the way of a good story,"
After writing all that I think Harry will select a few of the Championship winning side, it’s not like they don't know the league. 

What I think is most important is to back Harry and the management team; he has a blank canvas and on the third of August let's see what team he has painted us. 
There is one thing for sure; before a ball is kicked we would have gone round the rollercoaster a couple of times and I wouldn't change it for the world!
As my dearly departed best mate James used to say, "There's no future in the past,"
Let's embrace the future but most of all back 'Arry, you know it makes sense. 

The Wig