A new era. By Mikey Howard

01/09/2013 18:35


What can we say about the start of the new campaign ? Apart from the fact that it`s the best start we have had since our last venture in the Championship. 16 players out and only 6 in, to date, was obviously the way to go. Players actually playing for the club and for the badge and not for their over-inflated egos, ridiculous wage packets, but playing for the most important nucleus of any football club...the fans !


And how wonderful it is to see Arry leading our band of warriors and sticking by our club when he could easily have walked away following our relegation last term. So many times last term I read people writing that HR will walk from W12. At least he has shown his metal and has proved he is in the cause for the long term ! 
We now have a solid defense, a creative midfield and a fairly good strike force. We have a team that show a willingness to win matches even at the "hard grounds" like Bolton and Leeds United. And, we know how hard those grounds can be to go to and get something from. Ok, the football might not be very attractive at times but, who cares? At least we are grinding out results, keeping clean sheets and sending our loyal supporters home and happy. And, for sure, they have certainly been denied that for a while. 
More importantly, there is a new sense of optimism emanating from within Loftus Road. Switched round the changing rooms? Switched round the dug-outs? I don`t normally believe in such things but, it seems to be helping so, far be it for me to criticize. All those little factors mixed up with the bigger picture of things - the playing staff and back-ground boys - seem to be making us a unit to be reckoned with. Of course, those away wins have now got the rivals on their back feet. Nobody is going to want to come to W12 to play us. We have to make Loftus Road our fortress and destroy anybody who even attempts to take something from us at our Church ! (I almost burst into song then with Land And Hope And Glory !) Sorry, I almost got carried away.
We have a heap of home fixtures coming up after the international break. It`s imperative we give nothing away to our opponents. The excellent work being done away has to maintained at home, too. If we can achieve that, the Championship is ours for the taking. 
So, do I think we can do this? Well, there is a lot of teams around us that can ruin the party. Of that, I have no doubt. But, keep plugging away and picking up home points in particular and, what we can get from away matches, and we will be fine.
I have heard that Arry is still after Defoe. Well, those of you who know me know how much I rate Defoe. If I could, I would kidnap him and hold him for ransom till the end of the season and still not give him back !
As regards to Joey - I have been very critical of him for a while. However, he has done nothing wrong this season and I have actually warmed to him since the start of this term. So, we will see.
Anyway, we still need a couple of players to bolster things in the First team. I have every faith that Arry has his eyes on at least two or three before the window shuts. Contrary to popular belief, we don`t have a big squad at the moment so, some additions would be welcome to add a bit more depth. Having said that, I wouldn`t trade one of the remaining players we have left. 
In closing, I`m sorry I haven`t written much of late. I have been having some health issues which are now back in check. Can`t keep a real Ranger down, huh ?!! Not this one, anyway !!!
Have a good break, guys.