A great press team at Loftus Road! 'London Call-in' rocks!

23/01/2013 12:57

Just over a year ago the press team at Loftus Road came up with an idea of a 'phone in' radio show where players and fans can ask and answer questions at the same time. Like most great ideas it was simple and they got to work on it; 'London Call-in' was born!


Last season it was audio and we heard the sweet tones of Paul Morrissey and 'Q Block Pete' Davies as well as Brian Melzack and Ian Taylor. Matt Webber and Adam Hulme help out as well so a good solid team!

  This season they have gone visual and I have to say it's so much better! The legendary Rodney Marsh was on it when he was in London as well as Cisse and Ferdinand! Of course it wouldn't be complete without club owner and Chairman Tony Fernandes appearing.

  This is what makes this show so great; the fans get to join in! They can have their say, all they have to do is ring in! There have been fans that will moan while others predict we'll win by a landslide!

   The press team are all QPR fans and give their opinion which I think helps the average QPR fan feel better. A kind of 'We're all in this together' and again it's what makes the show work.

  They run competitions as well and have some really good prizes!

Such a simple idea now attracts over one hundred thousand fans every week and it just gets better and better!

 My personal favourite moment was the story about breaking the bed after beating Chelsea at the Bridge; a likely story blaming football!

The show is normally on Thursdays between seven and eight; see the official website to find out which guests are on and to get a link to the show. If you are a QPR fan this is so much fun and you don't even need to leave the house; but have your phone close by to call in!

   The Wig