With numbers four and five and I'm afraid we won't survive

28/09/2014 12:53

 I thought I'd leave writing an article until the dust settled and the team settle, how naive am I sometimes? This is QPR and there will always be dust and it never settles!

   So after six games I thought I'd give my opinion on what I think so far.

 Now two years ago we signed a few 'over the hill and here for a payday' players and I'd hoped we'd learnt from that, mostly we have, not offering a King's ransom as a wage packet is a good start.

   Then the Rio rumours started to spread and my thoughts were, 'haven't we been here before?'

   Don't get me wrong I think Rio was a great servant to Manchester United, the silverware speaks for itself.

  Like every player that puts on a hoops jersey I will back them one hundred per cent but we have the old Rio, sad to say his pace has gone. Yes he is a good talker but that doesn't make up for running fast and as we all know, it's time to hang up the boots.

   I admire Harry for trying the idea but there is also the fact that Rio is promoting his book which can't help him keep his mind of the job in hand.

 I think Ferdinand will make a good coach or Manager but i'ts time to let someone else take over, more on that later.


                                                                  (Photo; Andy Barrett)

 Playing beside him is a signing I think could prove to be a great bit of business and I'm sure will be an England regular in years to come. He appears to have it all and loves a good challenge!

  What Steven Caulker needs is a centre back partner that can match his pace and desire to win; the annoying thing is we have a player who fits the bill yet he can't get a starting berth yet Rio does?

    If you add Caulker's presence from attacking set pieces, he was unlucky not to score on Saturday, then you have a very good player. Sadly his defensive partner gave the ball away for the first goal.

                     Caulker with season ticket holder Dave Creasy

So after six games we have conceded thirteen goals, more than two a game and it needs fixing.

The Chief is waiting in the wings and I personally think he'll be a great partner to Caulker. Nedum goes and plays his heart out every single time and for that alone he should be in the side!

  I suppose we could always start a social media campaign #returnoftheChief.


                                                          Many fans want the return of the Chief

 One final thing, I salute Charlie Austin and that goal, and for those that said he can't make the step up; yeah right! And Niko in the Premiership, that's another article altogether.

Bring on the Hammers! 



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