Why Tony, Harry and Clint are made for QPR

09/10/2013 09:43


When I heard the great news that Tango and Cash had sold the club I was overjoyed; but I'll admit I'd never heard of Tony Fernandes! Like any other fan I really wasn't sure about him but he seemed to make all the right noises and after all the turmoil we'd gone through it just made a refreshing change.

One of the first things he did was bring Amit Bhatia back to the club, a very clever move. As a fan I still say he was wrong to let Neil Warnock go but that is in the past as is thankfully Mark Hughes' reign as a QPR Manager. In Tony's defense he was new to football and I think the former Welsh Manager used his charm and experience to his advantage, plus he was a 'big name'. 

  Now I'm sure the former Manchester United frontman had good intentions for the club; just a pity he wouldn't know a good player if it hit him in the face! It was very much 'an old pals act' as far as I could see with money, Tony's money, being handed out to any player that wasn't even average. I bet some players hadn't even heard of Shepherds Bush before Hughes put the call in. All the good work Warnock had done was taken apart; Hughes didn't have a clue!


Now many would say Hughes was given too long in charge of the Hoops (myself included) but while Tony is obviously new to football he's not new to business, but running a football club is a very unique business.

   So in steps Harry Redknapp; the man that eats, drinks and sleeps football. What a mess Hughes had left behind; a disjointed team with no spirit whatsoever!

    Harry has described the dressing room as 'toxic'; that sums the team up perfectly! We couldn't hit a barn door with a shovel! 

 England's loss is Rangers gain; just look at what Harry has done!


This season the team, of which Harry built, are playing for one another, battling for one another and bringing pride back after the shambles of the last two seasons.

    A player that has been there throughout the whole ordeal is our Captain, Clint Hill. If every team had eleven players with the passion and desire this man has then football would be at a new level. You know that when he puts the hooped top and armband on he is going to give you one hundred per cent and more.

"Clint Hill would run through a brick wall for QPR... he was disgusted with some of the attitudes he encountered."
Harry Redknapp is quoted in his book; entirely agreed!

All three of these men want exactly what us, as fans want, and that's to make Queens Park Rangers football club the best that it can be. They are all working hard and I for one can see a parade happening in May; this time round we will be more prepared.

In Harry we trust


The Wig