Who is the club's best right back?

26/02/2013 11:03


  I have to admit I was a little bit surprised of the choice of right back against Manchester United. Now I'm not questioning Harry's judgement but putting Bosingwa ahead of Onuoha surprised me. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon against Bosingwa; I just think there is so much more to come from him!

  Since the sad loss of his Mother I think Nedum Onuoha has got his head down and is working hard; that is all you can ask of a player. The reason I would have played him Saturday is the Manchester connection; I bet he loves United as much as I love Chelsea!

 It's no secret Bosingwa is on a shed load of money and as Harry has said it's sorted so move on. On Saturday I think the former Manchester City man would have had more motivation than the Portuguese International.


 We couldn't use Fabio on Saturday as rules say you can't play against your 'Parent' club. To me this young man is starting to look a good player. He took time to settle in but he is only on loan for a year and can be played at right or left back. It's reported he wanted to celebrate United's first goal; hardly a surprise as it was scored by his twin Brother!

 Going back to the title of the article I don't think Harry knows his best right back. I have a feeling it will change game by game but if we stay up Harry will be hailed a genius! I just wish Luke Young was given a squad number but that's another story!


The Wig