What does the future hold for 'The Pirate' and Faurlin?

12/12/2012 08:11

When Mark Hughes went 'head on' into the transfer market I have to say I questioned some of his signings. It appeared he wanted a good midfield and defenders and forwards were a distant second and third. The one player that impressed me early in the season was Esteban Granero, at nine million pounds I expected him to be good and he didn't let me down.


  He hit the ground running and the fans, including myself, were singing his praises. As games have gone on and we look for that first win I've seen the confidence in the former Real Madrid man drain, almost as if he's given up! Maybe Mark Hughes sold him the club in a different way, made promises he couldn't keep, who knows?

  I'm not sure if Harry is a fan of 'The Pirate', with respect he hasn't had a great game in the last few so I think Harry looks on him as 'ordinary'. I can see the midfielder returning to Spain in the Summer with the club losing a bit of the transfer fee we paid. It's a pity as he is a good player but seems to have the 'I can't be bothered' attitude and that's exactly what we don't want at the club.


Ale Faurlin was an unknown Argentine footballer when he signed for QPR in the Summer of 2009 from Instituso de Cordoba but I have to say he's one of the best signings in years! 

  When the FA brought charges against the club the midfield genius acted like a true pro and is a credit to himself and Queens Park Rangers.

 The injury he picked up at MK Dons last season put him out for months but in typical Faurlin fashion he didn't let it bother him; he came back two months earlier than expected in fact!

  Mark Hughes liked what he saw and Ale started to get much needed 'game time' under his belt.

With the arrival of Harry I think Faurlin is going have to work hard to get in the team. As fans we know what he is capable of but the new boss has yet to see that. While he might not play every game I'm confident he'll be in Harry's future plans.

   Ale Faurlin has been at the club three years now and I hope he'll stay a lot longer and become the legend we all know he can be!


                                           The Wig