To Young to retire

19/02/2013 09:20


When Harry Redknapp said at the Fans Forum that Luke Young told him he wouldn't be fit enough to have a squad number, I have to admit I fear the right back had fallen out with Mark Hughes and that's why he wasn't in the squad but I later found out he had a hip problem. He underwent an operation and when he made a couple of appearances for the development side it looked like he was fully on the mend; it appears not.
I don't think we'll see Luke Young play in a QPR shirt again and that's a pity as he's an underrated player in my opinion. 


Some fans say he doesn't defend enough as he goes forward too much for a defender; that's his game. 
Football these days isn't what it used to be as far as a 'back four' is concerned. A left or right back is supposed to be able to make it to both areas and be both a defender and attacker! It would be easier to call them 'wing backs' wouldn't it?
There was one thing Luke Young didn't pull out of and that was a good tackle. Many a time I'd wince when he went in for a challenge but nine times out of ten he'd get up and dust himself off and get on with it; that's the sort of player we need. 
It must have been touch and go with the former Aston Villa man or I'm sure Harry would have tried to get someone in. 
I do hope I'm wrong about Luke Young not playing for us again and I wish him all the luck in the world in whatever he chooses to do; I hope it’s carrying on playing as I think he's still a good player!