Time to sort it boss is...now!‏

16/04/2013 14:21



Harry Redknapp must know by now who the fighters are and who are just 'going through the motions'.  Those that are not up for the fight shouldn't be playing for our great club!

Miracles do happen but let's be real; our best winning 'run' was two games!

We need eleven players who want to battle for every ball, win every header and do what's best for the team. Sad to say we don't have that and it hasn't happened all season. 

Money does come into it, but I'm on about personal and professional pride. A sportsman's instinct is to win; at least that's what I thought. 

I'd rather Harry play the players he feels has the fight along with the younger players who'd be biting at the bit to do well.  It’s not only fans that have passion, players need to show it.

  When I go to a game, be it home or away, I have tremendous pride in wearing my hooped top, every player should feel the same!

I just don't want to finish the season like a damp firework; that's not the QPR way.


We take on a Stoke side on Saturday that to be kind, 'aren't playing very well,' If ever a team was there for the taking it’s this one.  Loic Remy needs a partner up front if we are to salvage anything from our season. I was disappointed he was the 'lone' striker against Everton, fine if it was a draw we needed.  But who will Harry go for to partner the Frenchman in a four-four-two?

Seriously, what have we got to lose?

I have a great deal of respect and hold Harry in very high regard but I have to question his tactics and formations sometimes. We have scored a sorrowful twenty nine goals this season, twelve of them from outside the box. Playing just one front man shows up well with those statistics.  Personally I think Green should be between the sticks but we all have opinions.  Let's at least play with some pride and passion, it’s not a lot to ask really. 


The Wig