The Wig's view on Joey Barton‏

04/07/2013 07:53

When I first heard Joey Barton had signed for us I have to say it excited me; a big name signing!
I am of course aware he came with baggage; but everyone gets a second chance. 
When he was made Captain I have to say I was surprised but again I thought it might be the making of him, at least that's what I thought at the time. 
On reflection I think it added extra pressure on the former Newcastle man. It also seemed to make him an even bigger target for other teams. If you add to that the reported wages then that's a pressure cooker waiting to blow; something he is renowned for. 
Joey does get the rough end of the stick sometimes with a tackle against him that other players would go down from; the problem arises when he tries to sort it out himself. 

I will say here and now I have never known any player that has played for our great club to cause such divide amongst the fans. 
The problem is, I doubt Barton will win over the fans that simply don't like him for whatever reason. 
I thought he should have been dropped earlier than the Liverpool game but that was purely down to form. 
The thing you can't deny about the 'bad boy' is his desire to win; the problem is he sometimes forgets the costs. 
A few fans have said the reason we stayed up was because of him!
Sorry, but how can you work that out?
He was taken off when we played Liverpool and we were losing; from two nil down we got three goals and took all the points. 
At Manchester City I have to say he was provoked and Tevez should have gone but in such a vital game to us he let it get the better of him. 
I do not lay any blame of our relegation on Joey Barton; we survived the season he played so he did his job. 
If I was asked would I like to see him back in a hooped shirt my honest answer would be no. 
He can be a stick of dynamite but when someone lights his fuse everyone has to take cover: sorry too much of a risk. 
This is the opinion of one fan; would you like him back?
My partner Michelle has said his position is now untenable; is that right? 
Maybe Harry is the Manager Joey needs?
One thing is for sure it’s certainly not quiet when Joey is about. He tweeted this before training yesterday and also his agent is taking the blame for him turning up late for training; he gave Barton the wrong date!

Up and off to training today. 1st day back. Like a new term at school. Albeit a school, you were once expelled from...

Don't get me started on his twitter antics as that's another article in itself!

The Wig