The week that will make or break us!

28/01/2013 14:11

The transfer window closes this week and if you like it or not Harry Redknapp needs to sign players! Looking back at Saturday's result told me one thing I already knew; Mark Hughes has a lot to answer for. Fans having a go at our Chairman whom, I might add, has only been in the game just over a year is well, silly!


 For the game on Saturday there were nine changes made to the side that battled hard for a hard fought point at Upton Park; or to put it another way we put out our second string. Now any good Manager would have good reserves but this is Mark Hughes we are talking about who had no problem throwing Tony's money around like it was confetti. What there was to show was a team that couldn't match a League One side in any department. If anything, it showed Harry what he has as back up and the simple answer is not alot.,

 So in a game that we lost by four goals to two the stats are surprising; MK Dons had seven shots and scored four times while QPR had forty shots and scored two! Now the stats are normally a good indicator of which side had the best of the game but in this case they are wrong. Now I could have a go at players but I don't see the point. I'm sure Harry has seen enough and talked to Tony and Phil Beard and told him what is needed.

   Without a shadow of a doubt a centre half is needed, Nelsen will take some replacing. By all accounts Anton is going on loan so that's another place to fill. Remy looked good on his debut but can't do it alone so another forward is needed. Midfield is where there is plenty of competition but knowing Harry he'll put someone in there just to put the cat amongst the pigeons!

   I trust Harry but we still need a lot of hard work to get out of this mess; a mess that Mark Hughes left and we'll still be clearing up in the Summer.

We do have some good youngsters coming through should some deals not come off; Ehmer and Doughty look like they can make it.


The players that might not get a squad number are Luke Young, DJ Campbell and Jay Bothroyd but it may be a case of not having enough senior players that they will get a number. I just hope thay don't give one to Rob Hulse or Championship here we come.

No matter what, it's going to be a rollercoaster with a small matter of playing the Champions at home on Tuesday night but remember this; we weren't given a prayer against Chelsea! Let the ride begin!


The wig