The team need Saint Jude's help

28/10/2013 08:29


   Today is Saint Judes day and after Saturday's performance the team really needs our mascot's help. For those that don't know, Saint Jude is the patron Saint of lost causes; I couldn't think of a better mascot for the club!

      At the end of the day the team didn't look up for it at Turf Moor; a bad day at the office and all that but what is worrying is Burnley raised their game to play us; we just turned up and to be honest it looked like we hoped for something that just didn't happen.

     The Lancashire club did the homework that was needed and marked Charlie Austin out of the game; the rest of the team seemed lost! That is the problem only having one striker! 

    We looked tired and were second to every ball. Playing the same formation every game isn't a great idea; scouting how QPR play is the easiest job in the world!

      But let's not hit the panic button; if anyone told me that our first loss was going to be at the end of October I'd have taken that quite happily. We have to remember where we were six months ago; the turnaround has been superb but in football you have to have losses as well as wins.

    Is the storm showing Jude's anger? I doubt it very much but what we have to do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get ready for our next game away to Wigan.

 In Harry we trust

The Wig