The QPR Family at Christmas

10/12/2013 15:45


  I was taught from a very young age that Queens Park Rangers football club is a very unique club; it's an extended family. I remember my Dad got me to meet a couple of players when I was a kid, a steward did it for him, it's a memory so very clear and I was only about eight!

      Now with the explosion of social media the 'family' is easier to talk with through Facebook and Twitter.

   One fan, John Macauley, who is a regular on Facebook, all of a sudden had a major problem at Christmas; time for the QPR family to help. These are John's own words.

'My nan lived on Ellerslie road ... Could see the pitch before the stand was raised. I was 4. I'm now 45 and so have been a fan for 41 years. Followed them everywhere. I was in the RAF and still flew back to see them when off. Now... Well due to 'circumstances' I'm on a low income and under the wing of the royal British legion and anyway, I've not had my kids over Christmas for 3 Years and it was all planned out. Then yesterday... Bang... Car went. So all my plans went to pot as I don't have funds to hire a car and no car to borrow. Plus, taxis would have been over £300 in total. I had my son yesterday (Kieran aka the legend) and he said I can't wait for Christmas with you.. Don't worry about gifts, my Xmas with you is enough... Well, I nearly broke down because I already knew the day was wrecked. I put up a post, just saying how devastated I was... Gill Kafka just said... Let's chip in, and it went mental. Dozens of messages and posts on my wall offering help. The QPR family came to my rescue, I was inundated with messages that warmed me and brought me to tears. Even now I'm still in awe. My friends, my family, have rescued mine and my children's Christmas and I'm indebted to them all. Even ones that have nothing have given, and those that find it impossible still sent me a message to explain. This club, our beloved Rangers has shown what a true family club it is. Yet again we've pulled together to overcome a person's personal dilemma .. My dilemma... It cannot be put into words how I feel about them all. I am blessed to be a part of such a unique and wonderful club. This isn't just about football, it's about unity and togetherness, something I rate nowadays and is most certainly unheard of in upper league football.'

QPR fans helping out John means he gets to see his two children at Christmas.
'One of our own,' the legend that is Kevin Gallen has supported John in seeing his kids.
Every single day I'm proud to be a QPR fan, proud to say I'm a superhoop and proud to wear my top for everyone to see what team I support. We look after our own and never has this been more true than with this story.
John, a very Merry Christmas, enjoy.
The Wig and Michelle.