The modern day Mr QPR‏

21/03/2014 17:31


For many years I've seen some very classy players wear the hoops of Queens Park Rangers; I've also seen my fair share of useless players and I'm being kind!
Now as far as passion and loyalty goes I have to say Alan McDonald had it all and very infectious it was. The likes of Martin Rowlands and Marc Bircham have also had that passion.
So when a player from Argentina signed for the club I wasn't  that excited as I'd never heard of him!
In his first few months he didn't set the world of football on fire, looking back he was getting used to English football. 
Then one of the best midfield duos that I've seen down at Loftus Road was created; Adel Taarabt and Ale Faurlin. These two players understood each others game and when they got the understanding right the opposition ran around like headless chickens. 
The two thousand and eleven Championship winning side just kept on smiling until the FA, in their wisdom, decided to charge the club on transfers and running of the club. 

At the centre of attention is our midfield creator, Faurlin. A huge amount of pressure from the press about a possible points deduction. 
Most players I think would have hidden behind the club but not Ale, he just wanted to play football and play for QPR. 
Once the FA swallowed its pride it was time to party and party we did! Ale hugging Neil Warnock in the centre circle is a superb memory I'll never forget. 
Just six months later in a game at MK Dons Ale did his knee in very badly, his season was over. 
After his rehab, including a loan in Italy, the talented midfielder came back and was warmly welcomed.
When I saw then heard he'd done his other knee I felt so sorry for the player; it wasn't fair on him or football in general. 
If there is one thing I have learnt in life is you can never keep a good man down and I look forward to him returning to the first team at some point. 
Only time will tell if injuries have really affected his game but a risk well worth taking. 
One of the reasons Faurlin signed for us was a three year contract was offered, he'd only been offered a years contract at his previous club. 
The board and owners showed faith in him and he has given it back ten fold. 
Its great to see the club now willing to give him another contract, showing faith again. 
A passionate player and a modern day Mr QPR. 


The Wig