The Mackie dilemma

24/07/2013 18:17


  When Neil Warnock first signed Jamie Mackie I'll admit I'd never heard of him! I remember sitting in the South Africa Road stand in his first game (a pre season friendly) against his former club Plymouth Argyle, we won the game by the odd goal scored by QPR's newest signing, Jamie Mackie.

   After seeing him play a few times I have to admit I found myself looking at a new Andy Sinton! The thing that really impressed me was his fitness; he will run as hard in the first minute as he does in the ninety second minute. This of course made him a crowd favourite for his workrate; 'never say die attitude' is one thing QPR fans know all about.

  When he broke his leg at Blackburn I was amazed at the support shown to him and how much respect I have for him following the 'Diouf incident', proving saying nothing at all spoke volumes.

   I'm pleased to say he was looked after properly and came back as good as ever!

  Since Neil Warnock has left the club Mackie's not had a great run in the side and that is down to the Managers in charge.


                                                        Me (Wigless) with the legend that is Jamie Mackie!

 As we head into the new season the popular Scotland international has his head down and is working hard on his fitness as he should be; he always gives one hundred per cent!

   Nottingham Forset have made a bid for him and of course on the social media websites many fans have said 'No thanks,' and that's putting it politely!

    But put yourself in the player's shoes or boots if you like; he won't be in the team on a regular basis and at twenty eight he has to be playing! So while he is loved at Loftus Road he may need to leave to get more 'game time', could you blame him?

   Our chairman has said he loves Mackie and that's great! But that still doesn't mean he'll be in the first eleven.

  I've been lucky enough to meet the man that started his career at Wimbledon a couple of times and he's a true Gentleman. What he lacks in skill he makes up for in energy and fight; if I was a soldier I would want him by my side that's for sure!

    Should he leave then he'll go with my blessing; if he stays I'll be happy to keep singing 'A Mackie wonderland!'


The Wig