The Lone Rangers

06/08/2013 10:08

 I have to say I'm not surprised by either Adel Taarabt or Loic Remy going out on loan, I like both players but at the end of the day football is a short career and if they choose to go on loan then so be it.

     Tony Fernandes told the fans that went on his plane to Exeter (for the preseason friendly) that the French International would be going out on loan as it is World Cup year and he wanted to get a place in the national side; can you blame him? The move isn't about money but his personal goals which we all have in our lives. I firmly believe if it was about money he'd still be playing in the Championship.

He also will get a lot more experience in the Premier League; I'm sure the plan is promotion and therefore having him back at the start of next season with a year of playing at the highest level is a good thing?

  If we don't make it back at the first attempt and he has a great season then think of his value! We need to remember that football is a business and if he goes for a great price then the club will gain.

     I can see him getting between fifteen and twenty goals for Newcastle; then onto the World Cup and afterwards be back at Shepherds Bush!


   When I first saw Adel Taarabt I'll admit I wasn't sure what to make of him; I thought Warnock may have had one glass of wine too many! What some fans may forget is we took Adel on loan from Spurs in the first place!

     I for one will never forget the season we were promoted, the club had managed to buy the Moroccan playmaker for a million pounds, even Harry realized we'd got a bargain!

    The question has to be; 'How long can he live on that promotion season?'

   Two years in the Premiership and only a handful of games, even less 'great games'. In his defence he can't have a great game if he isn't in the squad!

  A change of club and Manager might be just what the temperamental young man needs.


     I wish both of them well for the season and before fans say, "They'll never come back," I might remind them that Ali Faurlin went out on loan last season and just look how he has come back!

      Players/Managers and owners come and go but we will always be here; Forever QPR.


     The Wig