The Harry effect; three out of four aint bad!

24/08/2013 15:57


  Harry Redknapp has changed the way the players feel about playing for Queens Park Rangers and boy is it starting to show! Every single player that wore the shirt against Bolton Wanderers did so with pride, as a fan I can't ask anymore than that. It wasn't a game for the purist by any means but sometimes you have to dig in and take that one chance, thankfully we did!

   When I heard the team news and Harry gave the nod to Charlie Austin and Andrew Johnston I knew he was going for the win. As I wrote in my previous article I thought it would be our hardest test and it proved to be.

   Four players took my eye today although every player played well.

  The first one is Andrew Johnson; never stopped running the whole time he was on and took his goal like a great goal poacher we all know he can be. He was in the running but didn't get my man of the match.


   The second player I thought stood out was Karl Henry; he has settled in so very well and was all over the pitch. His partnership with Joey Barton can only get better; as the commantator said, 'Brothers in arms,'. He was in the running but didn't get my man of the match.

     A player to me that is getting better and better as a goalkeeper is Robert Green; two world class saves that helped us bag the points! I have to say I love his hooped top as well; quality. He was in the running but didn't get my man of the match.


 Now who says Clint Hill isn't a left back? He never put a foot wrong and the one two and cross to set up the goal was pure class. I very much believe in karma and after his disallowed goal against them in the Premier League it was only right he was part of the winning goal that brings us all the points. Clint Hill gets my man of the match against a very strong field.


    Next up is Swindon in the Cup; I'm very much looking forward to it without a doubt.


The Wig