The FA Cup 3rd round replay

16/01/2013 15:18

The Pain in the R'sss team left North West London just after four O'clock on an afternoon where the winter cold was getting colder by the minute. The traffic wasn't too bad and we were soon on the motorway. For the Cup run we decided to adopt Olly Murs' latest album to listen to on the journey (if he's good enough for the FA he's good enough for us!). 

  We parked up about ten minutes away from the ground and had to get our tickets which we had waiting for us as they hadn't arrived in the post! I have to say after sitting in a warm car for a couple of hours the cold really did hit us! The stewards were very helpful and just after half past seven we were inside the Hawthorns.


 I will admit when I heard the side Harry picked I wasn't very sure about the tactics or indeed about a couple of players. The first twenty minutes was very even with either side retaining the ball for brief spells. I didn't think it was possible but it got colder! We had to sing and clap to stay alive! Then Robert Green made one of the best saves I've ever seen and I've been going to football for over thirty five years! At the break it was right that both teams went in level as QPR had tested Ben Foster with a shot of their own.

 Now to my complete surprise I found the bar sold cider which went down well; the only problem was it made us colder! The second half would warm us up!

  The Albion fans chanted 'You're going down with the Villa!' and Rangers fans replied 'We're going down on your Sister!' I have to say QPR fans are great at banter!

 SWP came on and we looked more solid; I never thought I'd be typing that a few weeks ago.


   The game could have gone either way as the home team still pressed for a winner. QPR won a corner and Faurlin took it just in front of us, as the ball flew into the area Jay Bothroyd, yes him, headed a nice goal and we were in the lead with about ten minutes left to go. Of course West Brom came forward looking for the equaliser but Rangers held firm and Robert Green proved unbeatable; he was having the game of his life. When the time came up of three added minutes I thought of Kieron Dyer and how he'd scored in the first game and I was so hoping it wouldn't happen to us.

     The final whistle went amid scenes of cheering and clapping by the away fans. I have to give them a mention; a cold night in January and we were still loud and proud.


  The players ran over to the away fans or should I say jogged, they had put in a very good shift!


 Both Jay Bothoryd and Robert Green had thier names sang out loud and I have to say both well deserved. Cisse needs to dig in, he was taken off because he done nothing! 

  The man of the match was Robert Green and when it goes to a goalkeeper when you win it shows a great team performance.

  The word of the night was 'Redknappness', his effect on the term is clear for all to see.

  We arrived home at one O'clock feeling a lot warmer but very tired. Bring on MK Dons in the next round!


    The Wig