The best right back we have?

14/12/2012 15:25

QPR have had some great right backs over the years or as some are called now, wing backs. One of my favourites was Paul Parker who gave it his all when he played for the hoops. 

When Mark Hughes signed Jose Bosingwa I really did think he would be a quality signing; in my opinion his best game was against Walsall and with respect, that is not a glowing reference!

There is no doubting his experience but it is obvious to me he isn't used to a relegation battle! I doubt Harry will put up with some of his 'throw my arms up in the air' strops. The annoying thing is he can make runs and doesn't bother and then blames others!


 Kieron Dyer can play in that position but I'd prefer to see him in midfield; Fabio is better off at left back. Onuoha can play there but again I think he's a better centre back. 

The best right back at the club wasn't even in Mark Hughes' twenty five but that was down to injury but I don't think Hughes rated him anyway and I really hope Harry takes a good look at him; I'm on about Luke Young. I'll agree he's no spring chicken but neither are the rest that have been mentioned except Fabio.


   Luke Young had an operation on his hip and as far as I know it all went well and he is raring to go.

 Due to the 'twenty five rule' there is nothing he or the club can do until January; I really hope Harry gives him a number because when you want a right back to give you ninety minutes of passion and fight I think Luke Young is the best we have!


The wig