Some of my best memories and how my typical matchday has changed over the years!

05/02/2013 08:57

I'm very proud to say I've been supporting the hoops for nearly forty years and loved every minute of it! It was my Dad who first took me to Loftus Road, "He's going to sit on my lap," he'd tell the man at the turnstile and never once did I have to as there were always seats. At the age of about twelve I went with school mates and we stood in the paddock; QPR had become a drug to me and I was fully addicted.

   The 1982 FA Cup Final and I cried when Spurs scored and thought it was all over, when we equalised I cried again only this time it was tears of joy! The replay was such a let down and at the age of twelve I thought the world might as well end!

  In 1986 again a chance to go to the most famous ground in the world, to the home of football, Wembley! The 'Bald eagle' Jim Smith had us playing well and he was pitted against his former side Oxford United, I'll admit now, I expected us to win and win well. We lost by three goals and I have to say I've never felt so low; I was only just starting to understand what it was like to be a true and loyal fan.


At another game  I remember asking my Dad at half time if we should go home after Newcastle had taken a four nil lead; he refused and I have to say it was one of the best second halfs of football I've ever seen! Gary Micklewhite scoring QPR's fifth to make it a five all draw. We came home and it was a win as far as we were concerned.

Of course I couldn't finish without mentioning the great win over our rivals in 1986; the plastic pitch was used as an excuse but to be honest we took the team that play three point four miles down the road from us to the cleaners! It was like all our Christmas's  had come all at once. Bannister and Budgie as well as Leroy scored as we really did destroy them! I'm sure I had a beer after that game despite been under age.

     Returning to the Premiership was just great and I loved the promotion party but I have to say in more recent times both the one nil win at Loftus Road in 2011 and our win at the Bridge just a few weeks ago really stick out!


   My matchday used to consist of getting to the ground at around half past two and taking my seat to watch the game or at an evening game arrive about quarter past to half past seven. I'd watch the game and off home either with a smile or a sad face depending on the result!

     Two years ago I met and fell in love with a lady who has just as much passion if not more for the superhoops; a match made in heaven as it were.Now we go to the Spingbok pub both before and after the game. We meet up with friends that we have made through our love of the R'sss. What amazes me is we all watch the same game and yet everybody sees it differently.

     The staff in the Springbok are great and you can't help but dance as they have the same DJ after every game and he really knows how to get a party going.


   The older I get the more I love my team and I have to say I love the roller-coaster that we face every season makes it even better. QPR isn't just about loyalty, its a way of life and only if you get the 'bug' will you understand that.


The Wig