QPR win in Europe-could this be Johnson's season?

19/07/2013 07:55


       It was nice to see the first team finally score in what I thought was a good game early on Thursday evening. Only QPR would play a Turkish side in Austria with the person making announcements in German!

  I have to say the Usteam coverage was very good but when I saw a playground near one of the corner posts I thought the 'SWP is a kid,' thing had been taken too far!

   We looked solid and dare I say it, we looked like a team that played for each other. Take into account that we were playing Besiktas, a side well respected throughout Europe.

   Steve McClaren was in charge as Harry is still recovering from a knee operation and I have to say he got them in the right frame of mind. A good first half without any goals but some nice play.

   At half time all but one of the opposition were subbed while the Hoops stayed the same. The tempo in the second half upped a gear and it was good to see the players up to the challenge; they were giving as good as they were getting.

   In the sixty fourth minute Andrew Johnson gave the boys from the Bush the lead after good work from Bobby Zamora. The first team's first preseason goal!

   Just after the goal the Rangers side made five changes but it was good to see we kept the shape. The game started to slow towards the end but all in all a good win against a good side. One nil to the Super Hoops!


  At thirty two years of age Andrew Johnson has seen it all in football; but is still, in my eyes, a very good player. AJ came to us from Fulham on a free transfer and was starting to really settle when he got a bad knee injury, I remember it well as he pulled up in front of where I was sitting when we played the Kings Road mob.

  To me he could prove to be a very clever player to have and can fill the role left by Adel. He ge's into postions to create chances and is a hard man to man mark as he is always moving!

  There is no mistaking he has a eye for goal but with hopefully Hooper and Austin as a centre forward partnership the AJ in behind I think we'll see goals galore!

  I look upon AJ as a forward midfielder rather than a striker; his goal rate is just about one in four games. The theory is he should score ten to fifteen goals next season; but we all know that might not happen.

   I really think it's an important season for the club and we have to start by hitting the ground running. With his first goal in preseason I hope AJ will carry on and score many more goals for the Super Hoops!


The Wig