Passion! by Mikey Howard

18/11/2013 20:51


Another International break in our league campaign which some say is a waste of time. But, is it really? For those teams like ourselves who have picked up various injuries, it has come as a godsend. At least it gives our injured players a respite to get themselves sorted out for the resumption of league combat. Of course, it`s a bit of a worry that our International players may well pick up an injury during such International games but, that is par for the course. If a player is good enough to be selected for his country then, I believe he should play for that country. Far too many times over the recent years have we seen the so-called "Elite" pick and choose which games they play in. Chile is an example recently. They came to Wembley and took us 0 - 2. Tomorrow, we play Germany who are coming at us with a full 17 man squad. And surprise, surprise...those players who were absent from the Chile game have now said they are fit for the game against Germany. Well, work it out yourselves ! 

So, do our English Internationals think they can win the World Cup ? I doubt it. Event the most hard-line English player will concede that Germany, Spain and - as an outside shot Belgium - stand a better chance than us. Why is that the case? Probably because the Spanish have one of the best teams in the world but, in my opinon, the Germans took a couple of steps back to make three or four forward. And now, they are proving it. Why is England so weak, then ? Maybe because the English game in the EPL has been dominated by foreign players and managers. If you take the foreigners out of the EPL equastion, what is left to represent our country at International level?! And when you have a manager who has blatantly said, "I will play only Premiership players in the England squad", what chance have we got !
Maybe the powers that be should look a league down from the EPL. Championship players play good. attractive football. They are scared of nothing or nobody because it could advance their careers. Just look at Burnley, Leicester and QUEENS PARK RANGERS as points in case. Just in those three teams alone you could pick some outstanding players. Probably, the most outstanding Keeper in the game is Green but he won`t get picked over the EPL keepers because he plays in the Championship ! And there lies in the problem. You are EPL or nothing but lower league football. How does that sit with you fellow QPR supporters ?!
I had a response to a status I put up the other day asking: "Why do EPL players think they can pick their matches when it suits them?". Answer: "Because International football is dead !" 
My response to that is, International football is not dead provided the idiots at the FA do what the Germans do and stop sticking their heads up their backsides..move forward from 1966...and develop the English game per sae. There should be be Cap on the number of foreign players in England to benefit the progression of the English talent in the game in the future ! If we don`t take such a stance. we are knackered !
Moving on from my rant above....time for the love of my life...QUEENS PARK RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB. Sure, we have had a couple of bad results. Burnley are rocking the league and Leicester are pressing hard. But, I know in my heart that QPR with the squad we have got, will overcome the possible usurpers of our throne ! 
We have a fantastic little club tucked away in the streets of Shepherds Bush/White City. We have the best fans in the world (and I mean the World) who never back away from us even in the bad times. And, god knows, we`ve had a lot of them just recently ! But, we are Rangers ! We don`t shift from club to club when the going gets tough like some "so-called" fans do ! If you are a true Ranger, it`s in your blood forever ! We hang in there because it`s our love for the team and those who stand by us shoulder to shoulder ! Looking at it from a positive aspect...even in the Championship...we pack out W12 every game. I`m pretty sure in saying we sell all our allocations of away match tickets.
And for The Daily Mail to come out and say what they have said is lunacy ! So, to the Editor of The Daily Mail: "Get a life because we are QPR and not even your rag mag of a newspaper will put us down !".
It`s called. Passion !