One player we can't afford to let go

02/07/2013 08:01


Now I am like any other QPR fan and I hope we will return to the 'big league' at the first attempt and under Harry Redknapp I really think we have a great chance of doing that. The one player I think that it is vital we hold on to is a player signed by Harry himself, the French sensation that is Loic Remy!

   I remember seeing him play at West Ham United last season and the first thing I noticed was his pace; Usain Bolt must be happy he took up football and not sprinting or he'd have a challenge on his hands. He eats up ground and even though I knew he was fast I wasn't expecting him to be that fast! Of course scoring on that day must have impressed Tony Fernandes who was sitting just a few seats behind me in the away stand.


  From an impressive debut the striker went on to score some great goals but alas they weren't enough to keep us up but on the few matches he played everyone could see what a quality player he is. 

What he is being accused of I won't go into but the trouble might in fact for once go in QPR's favour! With the case not happening till September I think it will put a lot of clubs off him which will leave him as a hoop until at least January!

   The thing Harry needs to do is buy him a partner up front as we have let four forwards go. Let's face it Rob Hulse and Remy as a partnership wouldn't work! 


  I'm still not convinced on Bobby Zamora and with more games in the Championship I think he'll struggle with fitness. He found it hard going over thirty eight games, this season we have forty six without any Cup games!

   With a month and a day till the big kick off I'm sure Harry and the coaching staff have their eye on one or two players, we just need to trust them as the board of directors and of course Uncle Tony!


The Wig