One hundred not out and not over the Hill!

20/08/2013 15:02


When Neil Warnock signed Clint Hill from Crystal Palace the first thing I thought was why? But then that's why I'm a fan and he was the Manager at the time. He's has been a great signing and a player you can depend on. He always gives one hundred and ten percent every time he plays; he may not be the fastest but every tackle he makes he is sure he can win. I can't remember him ever been branded a 'dirty player', other footballers know they have been in a battle when they come off the pitch after ninety minutes against the Liverpool born player.

      Making him Captain was a great idea as he has the leadership skills to carry it but more importantly he has the respect of the whole team and that includes the coaches and management; he also has it from the most important people and that's the fans.


                                                                    Hill and Wig before the first game of the season

 Where I feel sorry for him is that 'goal' against Bolton that never was allowed. Some players would have gone crazy but Clint has been in the game long enough to know that 'you win some, you lose some,' and just got on with it.

    When he was loaned out to Nottingham Forest I seriously thought that was the last we'd see of him as far as his QPR career was concerned; but football is never as straight forward as that. He came back and forced the Managers to play him; and if they didn't he never complained, at least not in the press.

   The one suggestion I would make to Harry is play him as a centre back, he's too old as a left back! He was huffing and puffing long before the end of the game on Saturday.

     He made his one hundredth appearance for the Super Hoops in his last game and a big congratulations to him for that.

  'It's just like watching Clint Hill. its just like watching Clint Hill!'


The Wig