Not even a valiant effort!‏

23/02/2014 12:56


I expected a good old London derby when I paid a visit to Charlton for the first time. 
What I expected and what I saw were two totally different things!
We took our seats behind the goal in the away end and when I looked at the pitch it looked as if a game had already been played. What the groundsmen were doing to it made it worse! Sadly that was just the start to an awful afternoon. 

With a starting line up without Joey or Niko I knew we'd be up against it; I was proved right when I'd gladly have been proved wrong. 
Now from what I've read and heard, Tom Carroll is a great midfielder. From what I've seen that is very different; very different indeed. He looks like a child playing football with grown men. If he's the future of Spurs, with respect, they are in trouble. Simply put he just isn't good enough. 
Another loanee, Ravel Morrison, could have won the game for us but it was just one of those games. A debut where he could have covered himself in glory, instead it's 'what could have been'. 
Then there's Maiga, yes another loanee, who can't control a ball! He ran around like a headless chicken!
At half time I overheard a couple of fans talking about the team and who was on loan and who had signed as a QPR player; and therein lies the problem. 
"We'll be lucky to go up in the play-offs," I heard as we left. 
No thank you. Go up and hope we'll survive by the skin of our teeth like we did for two seasons? Become a yo-yo side?
We need to build a team that will win the Championship next season. A team that will fight for every ball! A team that will fight for each other and most importantly for our fans! Once promoted you add to the side. 
Some papers are saying Harry is going to retire due to his knee problems; if he isn't up for the fight then so be it. 
Tony and the board have done all that was asked so no blame there. 
Lastly a huge well done to the fans who walked seventeen miles to the Valley; raised a load of money for Tiger feet. 
So next it's Leeds in a live game; will the curse strike again? 


The Wig