Not a great preseason so far, should we be worried?

17/07/2013 10:38


I've not written an article for a few days as basically it's too hot! That isn't a complaint I might add!

  I watched the first preseason game via the usteam and I have to say I'm glad I didn't pay any money to see what was nothing more than a training session. Now I'll agree the heat was a factor but the players really didn't look up for it, almost as if they were still on holiday. After saying that Exeter didn't look a bad side or did we make them look good? I kept saying to myself, 'It's the first game back, don't worry,' but some of the play was just terrible.


                                                                  An Exeter corner (Photo by A.Cooke; many thanks)

 The evening after the ustream showed the Elite's first preseason game of the season; away at Hampton and Richmond. Now I saw the Elite squad a couple of times last season and I have to say the youngsters that are coming through look very good.

   It was a good run out and a convincing victory by four goals to nil. Sadly I only got to see one goal scored, by Mo Shariff, as the signal must have been set up by Jose Bosingwa!

  On Thursday (11th July) myself and Michelle decided we'd go to Peterborough; it was a good idea at the time!

  A beautiful hot day and only had to travel an hour and a half. Upon entering the ground I asked where the bar was only to be told the snack bar served hot and cold drinks only; no alcohol!

   It was the first time I'd seen Danny Simpson and he didn't have a bad game. The sad thing is we still lacked passion and I'll be honest it's a bit of a worry. In the second half Ali Faurlin and Jamie Mackie certainly added to the team performance. We didn't deserve to lose but we didn't deserve to win either. Sadly we lost by one goal to nil.

 I always try and chat to other fans at games and one told me something that doesn't bode well with me. He told me Loic Remy will be loaned out this season, because he wants to get into the France team for the World Cup and playing in the Championship won't help his chances. He was told this by Tony Fernandes himself, let's say he proved the information was correct.


   Now while I think it's great that we are trying to sign Hooper from Celtic, let's not get carried away thinking he'll partner the Frenchman. The signing of Richard Dunne could prove to be a very good one. The simplest way of putting it is think of Ryan Nelsen, only a couple of years younger!

     Harry still has a hell of a lot to do but with the names we seem to be connected with we are heading in the right direction.

The Wig