Looking for a showdown.

20/03/2014 16:34


Good day, everybody. 

It`s been some time since my last article. But, I felt I just have to write this. So, what is it between some QPR supporters and some issues with the club ?
It`s not Harry's fault that he has lost so many first-squad players in such a short a period of time. I have read some comments from supporters saying that because Charlie Austin has been injured, that the team has given up without him. So, I wonder what is wrong with Morrison ? To my mind he has filled the gap quite well ! A good, accomplished striker by any stretch of the imagination !
We have had a bad few weeks, I will give you all that. What with Leicester and Burnley doing so well, it was never going to be an easy league to win. Maybe the aforementioned teams have a better stability than us. After all. they have been together for ages. I know it`s hard for us to play second fiddle to them ! But, quite honestly, what do you expect !?! They haven`t got to where they are by luck.
So, before I suggest that QPR are on a downhill slope, I may like to suggest why. We have been tormented with injuries left and centre at a time when it matters the most. That`s not Harry`s problem. I`m sure he would like his full squad up and running ! And for TF to come out and say, "It won`t be the be all and end all if we don`t get promoted", is ludicrous. I`ve heard him say some stupid things but, that takes the biscuit. Of course, unless he expects to come straight down again. (Think of the money...think of the money.)
Anyway, enough of the higher finances of things. It looks like QPR are heading to the play-offs. Ignore those supporters that say we are not because we are. I`m not saying we will win the play-offs, but, we will be there. (2003 all over again ).
I`m a Ranger...always be so. I have faith in my team and manager. Until they show different, always be such the case !