Jay Bothroyd and Rob Hulse; time to move on?

24/01/2013 14:12

Back in 2011 QPR signed Jay Bothroyd on a free transfer from Cardiff City and I have to say I was surprised; with all due respect to the Islington born player I didn't think he was good enough for the Premiership. I have nothing against him as a person I just don't think he is up to doing a job in the top League; and despite his goal against West Brom I still don't think he can.


Now I know Harry is good but I don't think even he can get anything more out of the former Charlton player. If we want to be serious and score goals then we need to buy a striker that can score goals in the top League and this man just can't do it!

   I don't think it's fair on either the supporters or the player himself to keep him at the club; he'll take up a squad number and that really isn't right!

  After saying that I'd have him anyday over Rob Hulse! He has to be Neil Warnock's worst signing as QPR boss; what's even worse is we paid for him!

In forty three games that he played in a hoops top he returned just four goals; that's even worse than Torres and that takes some beating!