It's time to stand up and be counted

01/12/2012 07:37

The title of the article is both to the players and fans alike! We are all in this together; the fans have to be vocal and show the players how much this team means to us! Never have our backs been so up against the wall; but we are QPR and never do it the easy way!

  From the first whistle we have to praise the players and make Villa think there are fifty thousand fans in the ground with the noise we make; Loftus Road is a fortress and it's down to us to make it feel that way!


Let's make Harry and the new management team feel welcome; they believe we can get out of it and so should we!

I think the 'New Manager syndrome' will be a major factor today; add to that Villa have a very young side. Harry won't take any prisoners; if a player is playing badly he will be told.

Villa boss Paul Lambert has said he's coming to spoil the party; it's up to us to make sure that won't happen.

Back the team and believe and we'll have three points in the bag!